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  • November 8, 2022

What is IT infrastructure

What is IT infrastructure
What is IT infrastructure

Technology powers nearly every aspect of today’s IT infrastructure, from an individual employee’s work to operations to goods and services. When properly networked, technology can be optimized to improve communication, create efficiencies and increase productivity.

If an IT infrastructure is flexible, reliable and secure, it can help an enterprise meet its goals and provide a competitive edge in the market. Alternatively, if an IT infrastructure isn’t properly implemented, businesses can face connectivity, productivity and security issues—like system disruptions and breaches. Overall, having a properly implemented infrastructure can be a factor in whether a business is profitable or not.

IT infrastructure make your business growing by:

  • Provide a positive customer experience by providing uninterrupted access to its website and online store.
  • Develop and launch solutions to market with speed.
  • Collect data in real time to make quick decisions.
  • Improve employee productivity.
  • save and manage all your data from risks
  • Expanding your company’s storage capabilities

what are the main parts of IT infrastructure ?

what are the main parts of IT infrastructure ?

iT infrastructure has many parts to grow business IT infrastructure but you have to concentrate on main parts to grow, let your business grow, provide technical solution and keep your data managed and connected


1. Hardware

Hardware is at the core of all IT infrastructure because, even if you are running systems from the cloud, you still need endpoint hardware for people to be able to access them. If you are running systems in-house then once you reach more than four or five users, you need to start thinking about getting a server.

It’s important to note here that requirements for servers, in particular, can increasingly be virtualised. This means putting the server in the cloud, so you save on space and energy costs and have much more flexibility. You can scale up as the business grows, or to meet seasonal demand, without the expense and lead times associated with buying new hardware. It also strengthens your response to problems as it becomes easier to switch to another system in the event of failure.


2. Software

The importance of software is used to ensure that people and systems within an organization can connect and do their jobs properly and ensure the efficient execution of business processes, is the most important part of IT infrastructure as it is save energy costs and time, have more flexibility and increase your storage and that improvements are virtualized by putting the server in the cloud IT infrastructure strengthens your response to problems to become more easier to switch to another system in the event of failure infrastructure software is important for  operations department, ensuring that business applications and processes can keep running effectively

Software refers to applications and content management systems like scripts programs that run on a device and this is inconstant part of IT infrastructure

software defined infrastructure benefits:

managing your cloud environments

Encouraging collaboration among developers

personal data protection

allows many critical IT functions to be fully integrated and automated

improves data center agility and efficiency


3. Communication

You need connection to the outside world of course. emails essential for any business but you also need to account for the fact that more and more systems are now using the cloud, either for storage or to run as-a-service software. Increasingly, your internet connection has other demands placed upon it too; phone systems, for example, are switching to VoIP. All of this means that your bandwidth requirements are going to increase.



when you mix up the software, hardware and network services and the communication between internal and external systems this is called netwroking infrastructure

Interconnected network components enable network operations, management, product and communication between internal and external systems. The network consists of internet connectivity, network enablement, firewalls and security, as well as hardware like routers, switches, and cables.

4 incredible benefits of a strong IT infrastructure

4 incredible benefits of a strong IT infrastructure
4 incredible benefits of a strong IT infrastructure

attracting new customers

The provision of quality and consistent services is essential to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones by building relationships. IT infrastructure management allows you to ensure services and communication with the customer are not interrupted by downtime and delayed delivery.

Infrastructure allows you to deliver good services to new customers and acquire them with consistent and perfect experience and without degradation Proper management of IT infrastructure ensures that all hardware and software are optimized and working perfectly for service delivery.

Good IT infrastructure management allows you to spot and plan for any necessary maintenance when it will be of less impact on the business. Identifying usage patterns and peak times will give you insight on when it is best to schedule maintenance. This means that you will provide better services with a well-maintained infrastructure.

Improving Marketing strategies

Modern IT infrastructure management lets you upgrade infrastructure and adopt new technologies as they come thereby giving you more time to improve your marketing strategies and helps the business to scale as most of the personnel’s time is spent on improving other areas in the business.

and conduct research and development to improve your products and/or services,

The ability to deploy new infrastructure and manage it simply and easily will reflect in the business’s improvement marked and reduce deployment time after pre and post-tests. most of the personnel’s time is spent on improving other areas in the business.

increase database uptime

The key to maintaining data center uptime is to prevent downtime before it even occurs – the process of recovery can take significant time and by that stage the damage has already been done..

IT infrastructure can have a huge impact on revenue

State-of-the-art management will easily detect changes in the network and work fast before disruptions occur. Otherwise, they’ll leave potentially dire effects that you’ll take time to recover from.


For a business to grow, your systems and networks are supposed to be up and running every time. But since downtime is bound to occur, detecting the disruptions and acting on them early enough is what will prevent you from being stagnant.


increase Application Performance

Applications are part of IT infrastructure essential for a business to scale. If their performance is poor, they can slow down traffic, impact customer experience negatively, diminish user experience, and consequently, affect overall growth.


Therefore, you need dependable iT infrastructure management to monitor application performance and detect where there are problems then work to resolve them. This will improve customer experience and satisfaction.

effective ways for the best IT infrastructure

effective ways for the best IT infrastructure


Quality Management System

Quality Infrastructure services are used for the quality assurance of pieces of physical infrastructure, but the meaning of the term goes much further. We use the term to explain the hard and software required to assure the quality of products and services.

Introduce cloud computing into your business

Cloud computing has helped optimize costs and increase offerings. This is because they no longer require extra hardware and software From start-ups through to established businesses,

Take an overview about cloud computing here


Increase your site security

protect your IT infrastructure

IT security is an absolute necessity for businesses. There’s no room for poor practices or technology products that might compromise the ability of your IT infrastructure to thwart security threats.  For this, you need professionals and experts to handle your IT operations.

Increase the capacity of a server as your grow

Storage capacity planning services can save your customers money,it is important to have good infrastructure and bring other benefits and balancing their storage utilization and growth rates with their tolerance for upgrade interruptions and storage architecture.

Improve data storage

It’s very important for your IT infrastructure even if the data server capacity does not meet your present or future needs, you can expand its capacity, adding disk space and creating additional containers

Backup and restore for your system

The Infrastructure Backup Service supports transferring backup data to an external storage location with SMB encryption enabled on the server side. If the server doesn’t support SMB Encryption or doesn’t have the feature enabled, the Infrastructure Backup Service falls back to unencrypted data transfer.

Health IT safe practices

Health IT system implementation is a multi-stage process. When implementing a health IT system, it is critical to consider first what care processes it needs to support and how the hardware and software should be set up to support them in patient- and clinician-friendly ways. Configuring the system can be complex and requires a team that includes practicing clinicians to ensure the technology properly supports safe, effective clinical processes and complements efficient workflows.

FSIT-EG is your first choice to build your IT infrastructure.

FSIT-EG is your first choice to build your IT infrastructure.

FSIT helps enterprises meet its goals and provide a competitive edge in the market and allows all companies despite its field to operate in the cloud to enable businesses to build exceptional experiences that leverage new cloud technologies for consumers and employees to make differences in their work and to be more productive  .


IT infrastructure has the power to transform lives and the potential that brings all improvement for your business, lead with integrity and let your employees work smoothly without distrubtion such as netwrok down so let’s build an it infrastructure for your business Aim for Simplicity and Make it Scalable contact us now

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