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FSIT is the current institution of a long journey of evolution. The company started in Egypt on 19/4/1939 and moved through being (British Tabulating Machines - BTM) then (International Computers & Tabulators – ICT) until in 1968 it became (International Computers Limited – ICL) which is well known to all relatively old IT customers in Egypt. In parallel to that Fujitsu started in Japan on 1935 and became Fujitsu after some evolution steps. On 2002 Fujitsu completely acquired ICL and we became Fujitsu Services Limited; or simply Fujitsu.
Most recently Fujitsu decided to change its mode of operation in some countries from direct to non-direct representation. Hence, on February 2021 a merge occurred between Fujitsu branch in Egypt and FSIT under the name of FSIT. All the contractual commitments, obligations and rights of Fujitsu became the contractual commitments, obligations and rights of FSIT. The majority of Fujitsu employees became FSIT employees and the transition went very smoothly and successfully. Later, more technical staff joined FSIT and we are operating and expanding very well.

    Why FSIT ?

    • Reliable IT Partner because of its back record and success stories.
    • Success stories mean talented, well managed and committed employees.
    • Commitment to customer is a constant observed heritage.
    • Long history means accumulated experience through successive generations.
    • International standards of Fujitsu are local to you.
    • FSIT is the SOLE service provider for Fujitsu products in Egypt.
    • Availability of wide range of products selection due to its wide range of partnerships.
    • Wide and good geographical spread all-over Egypt.
    • Finally, if your business is Retail, we are the best expert.

    Certification & Partnerships

    - ISO 9001 Certificate.
    - VMWARE Partnership.
    - Oracle Partnership.
    - CISCO Partnership.
    - DELL Partnership.
    - Lenovo Partnership.
    - Huawei Partnership.
    - Fortinet Partnership.
    - Milestone Partnership.
    - SEDCO Partnership.
    - Veritas Partnership.
    - Veeam Partnership.
    - Red Hat Partnership.
    - Infosec for UPS Partnership.
    - Samsung Partnership.
    - Schneider Electric Partnership.
    - Leviton Partnership.?


    Our Vision

    To become the IT Solutions, Products and Services provider of choice for our customers through supporting them in thriving within their industries.

    What we do ?

    • We provide a broad spectrum of integrated IT solutions. These cover all Infrastructure, Data Center, Networking, Cloud, Security systems, Digital Signage & Que Management, GPON, and Light Current Systems Solutions.
    • We provide Fujitsu & non-Fujitsu products.
    • We provide ICT consultancy to our customers and prospects.
    • We provide general customer services through our Help Desk service.
    • We provide all traditional products services:
    • Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting.
    • Warranty Services.
    • Maintenance Services.
    • We fulfil our contractual commitments with our customers through the vehicle of Project Management.
    • We market and support our Retail Business Solution to our Retail customers.

    Our geographical Spread

    • We serve a total of 2024 customer sites in Egypt distributed as follows:
    • 972 customer sites in Greater Cairo Region.
    • 573 customer sites in Alexandria and Delta Regions.
    • 136 customer sites in Canal and Sinai Regions.
    • 343 customer sites in Upper Egypt (including New Valley & Red Sea).
    • We have about 100 employees serving our customers allover Egypt based in Cairo, Alexandria, Assiut, Suhag, Canal & Sinai.

    Our Employees Core Values

    - Operate as an owner. Pursue what is best for the business. Represent the company in everything you do, as if it were your own. Encourage an environment of ownership and accountability, not one of blame.

    - Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Go the extra mile to ensure impeccable customer service. Always aim to continuously improve the customer’s experience.

    - Do what is right, not what is easy. Be good to yourself and to your colleagues, and always try to be the best at what you do, while embracing collaboration and togetherness.

    - Believe in where we want to go and believe that we will get there. Look for solutions, not obstacles. Enjoy coming to work in the morning.