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Customer Services

Excellent customer service is a constant core value that characterizes our way of doing business. We provide our services before and after sales.

Before sales

Our professional services team is always engaged with our customers early in the planning and design phase, to provide consultation for the best solution that suits the existing infrastructure and that is ensuring the most return on investment. We can help optimize the performance of the current infrastructure and some of the support services. Our vast technology experience and familiarity with industry trends gives us the ability to fully understand the varied IT needs of both small and large businesses, which in turn allows us the ability to recommend and provide the very best IT solution and business plan for each client.

With different resources and specializations, our professional services team have the experience to ensure that any implementation is going smoothly. Whether it is a simple one vendor solution or a complex integrated solution, our team will guarantee the best results.

Installation, Configuration And Commissioning

At the end of the installation of equipment and its configuration according to agreed plan with the customer, we move to the testing and commissioning phase. With successful and sufficient testing, the customer accepts the equipment and the project comes to an end. This signals the start of the steady phase of Warranty and Maintenance.

Warranty and Maintenance

We are providing various Service Level Agreements that fit all businesses. With our highly qualified technical team, we can customize our SLAs to match the requirements and ensure our team is covering the customer needs. We provide the fastest Response Time, our support is for all hardware, software & network problems.
Monitoring the various parameters, ensuring uptime, running administrative tasks, providing support and automating processes form the core of Management Systems. We have the expertise and experience in implementing following IT service management systems:

  • Implementation of Help Desk and Service Automation Systems.
  • Implementation of Maintenance Management and Business Continuity support systems.
  • Design and Implementation of Availability Monitoring and Network Performance Systems.
  • Implementation of Configuration Management System.

After Sales

When a Contract is signed or on receiving a Purchase Order (PO), FSIT triggers the start of a project. Project Management is the way through which we implement our contractual commitments.

Project Management office

Project Management office is to provide an enterprise - wide approach to identify, prioritize, and successfully execute our contractual commitments with our customers. The PMs primary responsibility is to manage and control project constraints by ensuring project plans are implemented on schedule, within scope, and budget. Project management leadership is responsible for establishing and implementing best practices in a way that encourages collaboration, standardization, and overall improvement.

fsit-eg customer service

Help Desk

  • FSIT Help Desk provides A Single Point of Contact between FSIT Customer Services management and customers.
  • It receives customer requests according to their contractual Service Level Agreements – SLA’s.
  • We manage different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) namely:
    - (24 x 7) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    - (8 x 5) 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
    - (12 x 6) 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.
  • Register enough information about the call (fault description, customer, site, unit(s) affected, level of disruption to customer work, name of caller).
  • Contact relevant engineer.
  • Tracking of all problems.
  • Activate problem escalation procedure as per the set rules if needed.
  • Automated notifications and alerts.
  • Customer reporting. Generate annual, monthly & daily reports about timing & response.