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The experience of FSIT in the Retail business goes back to 1990, when FSIT was (Fujitsu) at that time. A dedicated Retail Business unit was created then to serve the growing market needs in the Retail market sector. Over the years, Fujitsu (now FSIT) developed a very professional solution namely (Retail Power) to serve this vital sector.


Retail Power

(Retail Power) is a complete package composed of 9 basic modules and 5 optional modules. The following are its main characteristics:
• It is based on Client/Server architecture.
• It is built using Object Oriented technology.
• It has a GUI over Windows, and compatible with all versions of Windows.
• It could be used with any international Data Base system like (SQL).
• The system is completely Bi-Lingual (Arabic & English).
• It serves muti-site customers.
• As it is developed locally, it satisfies the local needs of retail customers in Egypt.
• It uses two data bases; one for training and testing, and the other for the actual work; the Live Data Base.
• It is (user friendly) due to normalization and standardization of functions, screens and reports’ layouts.


Why FSIT is the best for Retail Customers ?

• Availability of dedicated specialized professionals in the Retail Business with accumulated experience over the years.
• Very strong and wide customer base (64 customers) leading to enriching (Retail Power) to cover wide range of special requirements.
• Utilizing the best building tools in building (Retail Power) and using relational data base systems like (Sybase, MS-SQL Server).
• Continuous development of (Retail Power) in successive releases. Latest release is release 4. All customers are using the latest release.
• High capabilities of FSIT in customer services and technical support plus geographic coverage of all governorates of Egypt.
• FSIT is an ISO9001 certified company.