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What Are IT solution company Services
  • October 4, 2022

IT SOLUTIONS are a collection of software applications, programs and IT services that are offered to companies in an effort to support and identifies specific business or address particular challenges These technologies are labeled as solutions to promote the idea that purchasing the product or service will help businesses deal with a specific challenge that they are facing.

services that are provided by IT comapnies


Data backup and management

IT companies services provided virtualization solution to implement today’s leading technology. Through using virtualization,to provide convergence customers with the best utilization adaptability of the current infrastructure resources demand reduce the risks and the cost of operations

 And also provides UPS solutions and related power works and Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) which is a solution that combines computers, storage & networking it solution company and is maintained by a distributed software layer to eliminate and minimizes common pain points associated with older legacy infrastructure.

We are professional in building, implementing and optimizing Data Centers for businesses of all sizes. We can also help in managing an existing data center and give the right support to keep it working and to enhance safely to add value to the customer’s business and benefits.

  You Can read more about data center solutions 


Cloud computing

IT companies services provided Cloud system that refers to the computing components analysis (hardware, software and infrastructure) that enable the delivery of cloud computing

Entrepreneurs are using cloud computing to let their users access discovered data society and ensure programs from cross anywhere proactively, as long as they have an internet connection.

FSIT are providing all cloud options

Light current solutions 

IT companies light system that provides a high secure system from attack and for fire fighting solution for your company and offices, a Light Current System Is a discipline of the Electrical Engineering systems that operate and function using low current signal with extra low voltage property.

Low Current System subtitle covers multiple specialized secured systems in the field of centeralized Electronics Systems Engineering. Light Current is a digital network for sharing resources between devices that requires adjust use a common technology that reducing Risk

advanced Light current system is monitoring the place and also handling and expanding protect threat dangerous and error accidents before they occur because of it’s consistent comprehensive

  • Automation. Includes industrial and home automation
  • provides the most convenient means for users and organizations
  • CCTV: it’s stands for closed entire circuit television and is commonly knon as video surveillance cctv networks and commonly used to detect and deter criminals extended


GPON solutions

GPON solutions’s main characteristic for IT solution company services supporting equipment to use valuable passive splitters affect in the fiber distribution, improve enabling one single visibility feeding fiber from the provider to serve multiple locations office growth


Security solutions 

These systems are composed of monitors/display units, recorders, and a system of cameras which can range from wireless home security cameras transforming to sophisticated alarm systems that notify law enforcement at the first reliable sign of trouble.


Network solutions

Computer Networks are the success communications backbone that helps repair connect computers strategy and target related complex devices across departments and workgroups, facilitating insight and data accessibility.

Computer Networks reduce communication protocols, facilitating flexible system and device interoperability, as well as improved internal and external enterprise data management.

FSIT IT solution company gives you the industry’s best hardware like ARUBA/Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


Digital signage & queue management solutions

Is an intelligent efficiency IT company solution that provided by it companies for facilitates calling customers to service by displaying their build queuing information on the digital screens, and also market developing enables you to deliver the right content of product to the right audience at the right stage in the customer and clients local journey, keeping control the customers and sales entertained with the opportunity for you to promote your products



Cyber security is the excellent and strong practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks,from malicious attacks challenges. It’s known as information technology security and electronic information security. The term applies in a effective variety of advance contexts, from business to mobile computing, and can be divided into a few common collection satisfied and growing categories.

 <h4>Network security</h4> is the practice of securing a computer network from intruders, whether targeted attackers or opportunistic malware.

·         <h4>Application security</h4> focuses on keeping software and devices free of threats. A compromised application could providing access to the data its designed to protect. Successful security begins with design stage, before a program or device is deployed.

·         <h4>Information security</h4> protects the integrity and privacy, both in storage and in transit.

·         <h4>Operational</h4>  includes the processes and decisions for handling and protecting data agility assets. The permissions that users have when accessing a network and the procedures determine shared all fall under this umbrella. or how and where data may be stored

·         <h4>Disaster recovery and business continuity</h4> define how an organization responds to a cyber-security incident or any other event that causes the loss of operations . Disaster recovery: policies dictate how the organization restores its operations and information to return to the same operating capacity as before the event. Business continuity is the plan the organization falls back on while trying specialize to operate without certain resources.

·         <h4>End-user education</h4> addresses the most unpredictable cybersecurity factor: people. everyone can accidentally introduce a virus to an otherwise secure system by failing to follow perfect security practices. Teaching users to delete suspicious email attachments, not various other important lessons is vital for the security of any organization and plug in unidentified USB drives, 


Why choose us ?

  • Success stories mean talented, well managed and committed employees.
  • Commitment to customer is a constant observed heritage.
  • Long history means accumulated experience through successive generations.
  • FSIT is the SOLE service provider for Fujitsu products in Egypt.
  • Availability of wide range of products selection due to its wide range of partnerships.
  • Wide and good geographical spread all-over Egypt.
  • Finally, if your business is Retail, we are the best expert.

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